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Friday, 6 July 2018

What I Eat In A Day

It was a very hot and sunny day today here in Surrey, we are in the midst of what has been a two week long heatwave, with temperatures reaching 31 degrees Celsius in certain areas of London and Surrey.

For breakfast today at 10:30am I ate one fresh grapefruit, one banana and half an apple - all chopped up in a bowl, with a cup of Twinings Jasmine Green Tea.


I then headed to drop Mia off to preschool first, and then to work myself.
For lunch I figured I should try Sokury, Woking, a local Japanese eatery who make fresh sushi according to dietary requirements. I ordered a vegan set with avocado, red pepper and cucumber and jasmine rice (no mayonnaise) - it was delicious and just what I needed; I would highly recommend Sokury.


On my way back from work I picked up a couple of leeks and baby potatoes and made a batch of leek and potato soup using my Salter soup maker. 
I chopped up the leeks and a potatoes and sautéed them in a large tablespoon of coconut oil until soft. I then added two tablespoons of vegan bouillon and some crushed thyme, and also a dash of sriracha sauce for a bit of a kick to the mixture. To that went in two glasses of water, after bringing this to the boil I transferred soup into the soup maker; 20 minutes later the soup was ready to dish! 
I prefer my soup thicker in consistency - this was perfect.


I felt like a little sweet treat before bed so helped myself to this delicious almond butter chocolate by MAST. I brought back from New York last month at least ten of these 😛 they're manufactured by a local Brooklyn based company, vegan friendly, 62% cacao with only 4 other ingredients, and taste sooo good alone or with herbal tea. These bars can found at most Pret A Manger shops in Manhattan.

I ended up eating half of the bar with a large mug of Pukka Night Time tea.



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