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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What I Ate ~ Cairo Edition

  Last week whilst in Hurghada I ran a poll on Instagram asking whether you guys thought my breakfasts were boring, funnily enough most of you voted yes! (I’m actually not surprised, what can I do though, I’m a creature of habit!).


We ate at Salt restaurant for breakfast, in the beautiful Gabriel Hotel where we are staying in Cairo. I ordered their traditional Oriental Breakfast, consisting of felafel, fouel (mixed beans and spices), and an assortment of breads arranged in a basket. I figured it would be sad not have the traditional, local breakfast whilst here. 


We were at the Sun City Mall in Cairo when the lunch hunger struck :) so we popped into Starbucks to get a bite to eat as we were passing by it.

I picked a fish salad with Parmesan accompanied by a green tea. The salad consisted of an ultra generous topping of Parmesan so I took it all off and didn’t use the dressing which came with it.


Back at the hotel, for snack today I had an apple and three locally produced fresh dates (my favourite). The management had sent up a large basket of fresh fruits for us. The picture is deceiving, the apple was very large indeed! The biggest I’ve ever eaten! 


Tonight’s dinner was a special one; we were invited by the management of The Gabriel Hotel to dine at their exclusive roof-top Pool Club (I’ll be writing a separate blogpost on The Pool Club and what they have to offer very soon).
Without giving too much irrelevant information away on this post all I can say is the food was the BEST I have ever tasted in Egypt - as I said, more soon! 
Starter -
Crispy spinach rolls 

Main - 
Spicy fajita wrap with homemade chips and garlic dip 

After this delicious meal I was so full that I just had to skip dessert, however Mia, like most other kiddies, is never too full to resist some chocolate gelato.

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