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Monday, 16 October 2017

We’re in Egypt! (Warning: Lots of pics!)

Enjoying the sun, sand and sea here in Egypt 

Long time no blogging! I know! The internet connection here in Egypt has been challenging to deal with! 

We travelled to Hughada, Egypt  on Tuesday last week, a coast town on the Red Sea to visit my mum and dad who have a house out there. The flight was a pretty easy one and Mia was on her best behaviour, she slept most of the way which meant I could get lots of rest and into holiday mode.

To my surprise my mum and dad had a long itinerary drawn out for us to keep us entertained on our trip; we arrived into Hurghada on Wednesday morning where my dad came to collect us at the airport.

Mia was ever so pleased to be reunited with her Oma - just wouldn’t leave her side

Wednesday was spent recuperating and sleeping and visiting a local mall, Thursday and Friday were spent shopping, dining in seafood restaurants and visiting local sites.

Mia at a local fruit market, mangos are our favourite!

Me and Mia trying out Instagram filters :)

Showing some love to the cats of Egypt 

As a treat for myself and Mia my mum and dad had booked us in to a local beach resort, The Grand Hotel, Hurghada for the Saturday. We started the day by having breakfast at the resort, followed by lots of sunbathing, dipping and building sandcastles. We then had lunch at the resort which consisted of an abnormal amount of carbs :p the bread table had way too much variety to resist. 

The obligatory beach portrait 

For the afternoon I had arranged a session of parasailing which was truly epic, the calm and tranquility you experience gliding in the sunny skies over the Red Sea was like none other. This was followed by a the best ever Egyptian massage I have ever had! A shower and a delicious dinner later we checked out of the Grand Resort and went back to my parents house. 

Tired & on our way to Cairo :) 

Sadly, all too soon, it was time to bid farewell to Hurghada yet again, for the second leg of our journey - Cairo here we come! <3 

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