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Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Gabriel Hotel, Cairo | My Review

 When planning October’s trip to Egypt I was browsing through google for hotels when I came across The Gabriel Hotel, Cairo.

A multi-award winning, privately owned boutique hotel in the centre of the Heliopolis district of Cairo. 

 It wasn’t long before we arrived at the Gabriel Hotel, our flight landed into Cairo at 7am in the morning, we had emailed the hotel a day before to inform them of this and ask if it would be possible to arrange an early check-in, they replied back promptly informing us that we could check in as early as 8am. 

On arrival, it was 7.35am, the hotel being only a ten minute (or less) drive from Cairo International Airport, we were greeted by the lovely Tamer, front of house manager, who promptly checked us in and offered us the warmest of welcomes. We were all given a refreshing welcome drink and shown to our room; the management were so kind to bump us up to a diplomatic suite (just one of the countless surprises we received during our stay there, for which I am so grateful). Tamer also made arrangements for our late check-out for the day we left, informing me that it is one of The Gabriel Hotel’s policies to accommodate for each guest as much as they can.

We were also offered breakfast that morning at the Salt restaurant for which I am sure we were not even entitled to given this was a super early check-in, the food was great and went down a real treat. 

On first impressions, the atmosphere of the hotel is literally out of this world, the decor of the hotel is French - tres chic, with the beautiful scent of oud filling the lobby and beyond.

The staff with their warm smiles were very professional, so dapper, providing such a personable service and making us feel special, and more than welcome.

This heavenly hotel houses two restaurants - one of French cuisine and the other Italian fusion, and a perfectly heated roof top pool club with a jacuzzi. 

Our room, if I should even call it that, comprised of a large sized lounge with a bar area, very comfortable, homely seating, a large smart TV, mini bar and gorgeously classy lighting, furniture and details. 
The bedroom area is partitioned with a double sliding door, containing a king size bed, two walk in wardrobes, a luxurious desk, a second smart TV and large en suite bathroom with a jacuzzi bath. 

Room service was prompt and accurate, staff responsiveness quick with a constant can-do, will-do attitude, management were very accommodating and beyond hospitable. 

Our sleep that night was a wholly comfortable and restful one, with absolute minimal noise from the outside (those who know Cairo also know that it’s drivers horn on the roads all the time, without reason! :)) Mia even slept through the night - which is a rare treat for me when we are travelling, and given this was a new setting for her I was very pleasantly surprised she managed 14 hours straight of sound sleep. 

Overall, this hotel is ideal for people of all ages, I was travelling with Mia, 3 and my grandmother, 73; who both thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

Words and photographs just don’t do justice. I wish I had more days at The Gabriel and would very highly recommend the hotel to all of you; I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Below are some photos of The Sophia Suite in which we stayed -

For more information, or to book your memorable stay at The Gabriel please click here


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