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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My Personal Travel Essentials | Product Recommendations

I am one of those who tries to travel as light as possible. Since having Mia however things have changed. Even though I find myself packing lots of different things and countless changes of clothes for her, only a quarter to a third of those things belong to me.

There are however my absolute essentials which I believe I need on an almost daily basis that are unique to myself, products which I truly believe benefit me and are brilliant to use, I wholly recommend these products for you to try.

The supplements recommended in this post should only be taken if you know it is safe for you to do so, so if you’re unsure please check with a medical professional first :)

1) Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray - Hair
I have been using this spray along with the Macadamia Professional shampoo and conditioner for over two years now and adore the texture it leaves my hair in and the softness and shine it adds. Typically I spray this on generously over the shaft and tips of my hair after towel drying and let my hair air dry (can also be used before heated styling tools). I also use this on my dry hair in the mornings again by spraying along the shaft and tips, this enhances the large natural waves I have in my hair enabling me to wear my hair as natural as possible. 

2) Highborn London Pre-Eminent Beauty Face Serum and Imperial Eye Gel
This stuff is just brilliant. I came across it last December when searching for a moisturising gel product for the face. I have visibly noticed a reduction in fine lines around my eyes and lips with consistent use of these gels, so they are very effective. My skin feels firmer immediately after application and the eye gel reduces puffiness too. I have always suffered from dry skin but these products have kept that under control too. 

3) Giorgio Armani Prive - Encens Satin Perfume
I have been using this particular scent since April (it was a birthday present from Mr H). 
Oud perfumes have been a part of my self-care routine since I was a child, my mother used to apply oud scented oils to our wrists when we were children, she also used to burn oud in the house daily so the smell goes back a long way for me to my childhhood. As a result, most of adult life until date I have used one oud perfume or another. When I was younger, oud was rare, unheard of in the west and was only available in the form of pure oil from the Middle East. Nowadays it has become much more mainstream; famous brands, the likes of Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford etc have all started to create oud ranges within their perfume collections. 
I have gone through many oud perfumes to date, at the moment I am using this, the Giorgio Armani Prive Ensens Satin. 
A gorgeous but mysterious, woody scent with hints of amber, this one really reminds me of my origins and identity every time I spray some on myself :) 

4) Giorgio Armani lipstick (shade 501 Lip Maestro)
This has been a favourite of mine for 6 months now and I have already gone through two bottles of it! Even on bare faced days I have to have my lipstick to hand which sometimes along with my face serums is all I need to apply. This lipstick is matt and doesn’t need to be worn with liner, although it can be. 

5) La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer & Foundation SPF 15 (shade Honey Beige)
I’m not a foundation every day type of girl, however this concealer and foundation duo works excellently when used together. I tried it for the first time at the La Prairie stand in Harrods and fell in love, it really is the bees knees of foundations and the best I have ever tried, however at £154 per bottle it comes with a hefty price tag. You need a very little amount of this product for great coverage. In my case the bottle lasts a little over a year as I only apply the foundation once a week perhaps less so it’s justifiable for me. I really can’t recommend this product enough. 

6) Rimmel Royal Blush Cream Blush (shade 002 Majestic Pink)
This tiny little box really does what it says on the box, it is majestic! Along with a little La Prairie concealer, some Armani Lip Maestro, this cream blush on the cheeks adds a really pretty pink pop! 

7) Bioglan Biotic Balance Ultimate Flora 
We’ve all heard how probiotics are great for gut health. They help balance friendly bacteria in the digestive system, it can also help prevent some mental health conditions, can keep your heart healthy, weight loss, great digestive health, and stronger immune system. 
Since I’ve started taking this regularly, recommended by my fabulous nutritionist I have really felt that my daily bloating is massively decreased and toilet trips (sorry - TMI alert) have become as regular as clockwork! 
(Please seek professional advice first) 

8) Ferrous Fumerate 210mg tablets 
These are iron tablets and were recommended to me by my GP who said that she believes that every woman of reproductive age should supplement with one dose of iron daily to maintain ferritin levels. Since taking these I feel great energy during the day, and sleep very well at night. 
Purchase at your local Boots pharmacy from behind the counter. Seek medical advice first.

9) Holland & Barratt Magnesium with Zinc 100 tablets pack
Since suffering with a few bouts of alopecia areata, where I lost a few tiny patches of hair on my scalp (which have thankfully grown back), I was recommended these pills for health regrowth and hair strength. I’ve noticed that it has taken the edge off of the fatigue associated with motherhood and work in general. I’ve also noticed much quicker muscle recovery post workout and reduced muscular water retention and puffiness which used to cause temporary weight gain.
(Please seek professional advice first)

10) Balmain hair brush 
This Balmain brush is actually for use with Balmain hair extensions. But I’ve found it’s such a gentle brush and smooths the hair very nicely it’s great for using on myself after spritzing in some Macadamia Professional Oil Spray (above). It’s fab for using on myself and for Mia. 

11) Eyebrow shaper and facial hair epilator 
These two are a god-send for the weeks I can’t get myself to a beauty salon when travelling. The wire coil is rolled over the skin in an upward motion using the handles and removes hair from the follicle. It’s a tiny little manual device which doesn’t make your hair grow back coarse or dark! Great for those who have monthly waxing or sugaring but need a tidy-up in between. 
The eyebrow blade is great at exfoliating the skin gently below and above the brows and tidying up the brow regrowth in between salon appointments. However as this is the same as shaving it does cause thick and coarse regrowth if used regularly. 


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