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Friday, 29 September 2017

What I eat for ... Breakfast

Breakfast at mine is always a simple affair, all those who know me also know that I am an utter bore when it comes to breakfast as I tend to have the same thing every day; a large mug of lemon in hot water to begin, porridge oats, and a strong mug of green tea to finish. This breakfast not only is filling and warming, but extremely satisfying and certainly gives me the energy needed to complete my workout, about 45 minutes post breakfast.

Because of the simplicity of this meal I always like to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing, well presented; I adore eating beautifully.

For the lemon water I simply combine half a lemon (cut into two), a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a pinch of cinnamon with hot (not boiling) water inside a large mug; this is usually my first drink of the day.

The green tea is simply the Twinings brand. Typically I use their pure green tea type, however I love jasmine with green tea, and orange and lotus flower green tea once in a while for change; these are available from all English supermarkets :)

I use Flahavans Irish Oats (can be bought from Ocado) for the porridge and cook this on the hob, combining half a cup of oats with 240ml of unsweetened almond milk (I use more almond milk as I prefer my porridge smoother). I cook this on medium heat until the milk is absorbed, stirring continuously. I usually have this with a drizzle of organic honey - absolutely delicious!

Do you have any old but regular breakfast habits? Is there anything specific which you feel you need to eat to kickstart your day? Please leave all comments down below! :)

Bowl and "Mummy" mug by Emma Bridgewater (a gift from Mia, bought from the Emma Bridgewater Boutique on Fulham Broadway, London)

Disney Baby Princesses Mug by Disney (bought from the Disney Store, Oxford St. London) 

Breakfast Tray by Joud Home (bought from Joud Home, Cairo Festival Mall, Cairo, Egypt)


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