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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Throwback Thursday ... My Sister

As this is my first blog on Serene Ibrahim I thought it was only fit to dedicate this post to my sister Ameerah.

Those who know me, also know that I have one sister and that we are inseparable; so much so that my husband and I named our daughter after her.

Among the infinite list of fond childhood memories we have, we also share similar looks (other than the hair, of course!), the same interests and identical voices, even immediate family members find it hard to tell our voices apart!

I vividly remember the day this photo was taken; we were at the Camden Market, London on the 22nd July 2013 when my sister and I were casually strolling through the Stables Market sipping bubble tea and nibbling on vegan brownies and flapjacks. We were approached by a lovely lady in fancy dress who asked us if we would like to have a royal, period themed photoshoot at the Camden Old Times Photography Studio; being the spontaneous girls we were (..and still are, may I add) we didn't hesitate to say yes! 

This is just one of the many photos we came away with that day.

I want to thank Ameerah for inspiring me to start this blog, and for supporting me through life from our childhood, to date. Even though she is 4 years my junior it often feels to me like I have an elder sister looking out for me all the time. 


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