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Saturday, 30 September 2017

It’s all about - balance

In line with our Friday night tradition (at least we try to most Friday nights), Ameerah and I strolled down to a local buffet restaurant for some greasy, pan Asian food. The variety at the restaurant was brilliant, everything from pizzas to onion bhajis for starters and from sushi to stir fry noodles for mains. This was quite a contrast from the recent healthy eating I have been endeavouring to incorporate into my daily routine. 

I recently read a fabulous book, which I highly recommend by the way, written by London based celebrity personal trainer Louise Parker called “The Louise Parker Method: Lean For Life”, from which one statement of hers really stuck with me; she said: 

Think of my method as a dance that, when you learn the steps and practice, will become part of who you are... if you do pop out of the inner circle (a glass of wine, a biscuit or two, a day or two of missed exercise) do not panic. Falling out of the circle is not the end of the world. Simply jump straight back into the inner circle, as your aim is to spend as much time as possible here.

I guess with the festive season approaching in the not so distant future, many of us will feel a sense of guilt and feelings of being off-track. I certainly used to, however I have learnt that it’s totally OK to indulge every now and then, after all, it’s all about having a balance. 

Friday nights dessert, the carrot cake was irresistible!

The Louise Parker Method: Lean For Life can be purchased from Amazon - here

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