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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Flashback Friday

I come from a family who love their tea. The traditional English Breakfast/Afternoon tea which is served in the morning along side breakfast and in the late afternoon with cakes and biscuits. 

Ever since I can remember during my childhood, tea has been a significant time of the day; 4pm, when the family gather around the breakfast bar  and collectively enjoy a pot of English brew with a serving of home baked date and walnut, carrot or Victoria sponge cake and some digestive biscuits (chocolate digestives as a treat if we had been really good!)

I even remember visiting my first cousin in Bolton, Lancashire during every school holiday; their home was our holiday home and they had the same teatime traditions, except with Indian tea served with fancy savoury pasties, Bombay mix and kebabs (my cousin Naeema’s mother is Indian and a fabulous cook). All but me of course. I have always despised of tea, particularly the tea containing milk; that was until July this year. When me and my daughter Mia (pictured above) were on a girls shopping day out in Harrods, London. 

After a tiring few hours of walking about the large and very busy department store it was time for lunch (when in Harrods we always visit the Pizzeria by default which is located on the second floor my husband and I always share a classic margarita pizza and we order a truffle macaroni for Mia but as he wasn't with us this time we ordered one truffle macaroni to share). The food arrived and suddenly Mia wasn't showing interest in eating, we nibbled, had the rest packed and continued on our way through Harrods. 

As we were passing through The Georgian Restaurant & Tea Rooms I could see Mia peering around in admiration and delight, "I´d like some tea Mimi, please" she said. 
I was very surprised at her request and replied saying I didn't even know that she had tried tea! After some insisting we approached the waiter to be seated. Mia ordered a pot of tea and a chocolate and cream eclair. To my surprise she knew exactly how to add the milk, add the sugar, stir then sip. 

I had never seen a three-year-old child enjoy tea so much, and, drink it with such style, eloquence and grace.

She insisted that I try some and even offered to make it for me (add the milk, sugar and stir), reluctantly I accepted. All I can say is it tasted lovely. I don't know if it was the fact that we were at Harrods, in such a pretty tea room, or because I was with her. 

It turns out that she has been helping to prepare and enjoying tea time at my parents house with my family whilst they look after her when I am at work every Friday and Saturday at 4pm. 

It's not often that a child revives a tradition broken so long ago, but all I can say is Mia certainly did,

I now LOVE tea. 

Traditional English Tea, with a dash of milk and one sugar. 😋


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